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Each and every one of our ceramics is meticulously crafted by hand. This makes every piece uniquely special, with a design that carries its own distinctive charm.

Designed for daily use, the careful handling of our handmade pottery pieces leads to a significant extension in their lifespan.


Follow the below guidelines to ensure perfect care:

(1) Opt for hand washing exclusively to maintain the pristine appearance of your piece. We suggest delicately washing it by hand and drying with a soft cloth for optimal care.

(2) All items are made with food safe, lead free glazes that have been commercially tested for safety. Satin/Matte glazes are naturally porous and can develop a patina from absorbing colours from certain foods and drinks over time. Regularly cleaning your pieces will help prevent this.

(3) Do not soak your pottery pieces and avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach-based cleaners.

(4) Our ceramic pieces are safe to use in the fridge, but we don’t recommend putting them in the oven, the microwave or the dishwasher.

(5) Sudden changes in temperature can result in damage. To minimize the risk of thermal shock, please avoid sudden extreme temperature changes. If your piece is exposed to hot water, allow it to cool prior to using, and avoid pouring cold water into a hot vessel, as it may result in cracks in the glaze or clay body. Additionally, please refrain from placing ceramics over stove tops or open flames.

(6) Keep in mind that crazing in the glaze is a normal part of the aging process and won't impact the functionality or hygiene of your item.


If you have any further questions about caring for your ceramic pieces please email