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Article: Custom Ceramic Platters Infused with the Spirit of Qatar's Landscape

Custom Ceramic Platters Infused with the Spirit of Qatar's Landscape

At OWO we are thrilled to present a new and exciting collaboration with Qatar’s interior design company Telal. Together we designed a unique series of custom ceramic platters inspired by Qatar’s enchanting landscape.

Our intend was to create unique handmade pottery platters that could act as both decorative and functional objects. Unique in its kind, each custom platter was individually hand-carved and has the integrity of a handmade pottery sculpture.

Custom ceramic platters inspired by Qatar’s desert, handcrafted by OWO Ceramics

Inspired by Qatar's terrain, the ceramic platter bases were carefully crafted to evoke the captivating limestone formations that dot the Qatari landscape, while their surface texture honors the delicate lines drawn by the wind on Qatar's sandy terrain.

Hand-applied with meticulous care, a crystal-clear gloss glaze accentuates the intricate texture of the custom serving platters, conjuring the golden hues of desert sand dunes.

Custom ceramic platters with stand, handcrafted by OWO Ceramics

Handmade custom ceramic platters designed for Qatar’s interior design company Telal
Table setting featuring custom ceramic platters inspired by Qatar’s desert with cheese and charcuterie served on top

The result were these beautiful handmade ceramic platters, which make the perfect frame to display food and help turn a table setting into a true work of art.

Each pottery platter is a poem, written in clay, that captures the essence of Qatar’s mesmerizing landscape and infuses the dining experience with the desert’s enchantment.

Custom ceramic platters with stand by OWO Ceramics with appetizers served on top

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