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Article: Sea-inspired Custom Espresso Cups

Sea-inspired Custom Espresso Cups

This beautiful sea-inspired collection was exclusively designed for a private client from Qatar. Commissioned to create giveaways for a commemorative party with 100+ guests, we designed a unique series of custom espresso cups specifically for this occasion.

We wanted to create beautiful handmade cups that guests would incorporate in their daily life,  thereby keeping the memory of this special date alive.

Handmade custom espresso cup in stoneware clay inspired by the sea urchin

With the intend of honoring the celebrant we chose her as our muse and designed a ceramic cup collection inspired by her name: Pearl. 

Guided by this intention, we dove into the depths of 19th-century scientific illustrations and scrutinized an Iranian medieval manuscript known as a bestiary in seek of profound inspiration from their portrayals of aquatic fauna.

Thus, we came up with four customized espresso cup designs that evoke different aspects of sea life: the sea waves' rhythm, the starfish’s allure, the seaweed's ethereal sway and the delicate nature of the sea urchin.

The resulting handmade ceramic cups showcase the intricate details of these fascinating creatures, reminding us of the wonders of marine life.

Custom espresso cups inspired by sea life, handcrafted by OWO Ceramics19th-century Iranian medieval manuscript depicting two fish amidst ocean wavesCustom espresso cup handcrafted by OWO Ceramics inspired by the sea waves

Carefully crafted, each ceramic espresso cup from this collection was individually thrown and trimmed on the wheel using stoneware clay for its durability and resistance.

The cups were also carved and glazed by hand in a hazelnut matte glaze, specially designed to complement the shapes and highlight the custom coffee cups’ expressive surface texture.

Handmade customized espresso cup in stoneware clay inspired by the seaweeds

The result is a collection of personalized espresso cups that not only serve as functional pieces but also as works of art embodying the beauty and wonder of the sea.

Handmade custom espresso cup in stoneware clay inspired by the sea urchin by OWO Ceramics

For further insights into our custom design process or to inquire about a made-to-order project, please reach out to us at