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San Francisco, USA

Article: A splatterware collection inspired by California's natural beauty

A splatterware collection inspired by California's natural beauty

We are excited to introduce our latest collaboration with our long time partner and beloved Anyon Atelier. With a shared understanding of creation, Anyon and OWO are inspired together by inner connection and the philosophy that home and ritual are most important. 

Ceramic splatterware vase with hand-painted sage green splatters for Anyon Atelier

Together we come up with a unique splatterware pottery collection inspired by the landscape of California — the fields of mustard seeds with their intense yellows and sage greens from the hillsides. 

Comprising hand painted ceramic pieces like planters, vases, and multiple-sized bowls, every splatter piece within this collection was individually thrown and trimmed on the wheel.

Color tests for OWO’s custom splatterware pottery collection for San Francisco’s interior design store Anyon AtelierDesk adorned with handmade splatterware pottery vase, custom designed by OWO ceramics for Anyon AtelierA featured breakfast scene in Rue Magazine showcases OWO’s custom splatterware pottery bowls for Anyon Atelier

Courtesy of Rue Magazine and Anyon Atelier

To add character, the pieces were glazed by hand in a matte glaze, and each splatter and brushstroke was hand painted so that no two are alike.

On top of that and so as to maximize the artisanal character of the series, the paints used were produced at our studio using raw materials and pigments. As a result, each  hand painted pottery piece from this collection is unique and a true object of art.

Hand-painted splatterware pottery bowls featuring lively mustard splatters, handcrafted by OWO Ceramics

Our collaboration with Anyon Atelier has resulted in a ceramic splatterware collection that not only showcases the beauty of California's landscape but also embodies the essence of craftsmanship and artistry.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room, a pop of color to your kitchen, or a statement piece to your dining table, this handmade pottery collection has something for everyone. The versatility of the planters, vases, and hand painted bowls allows you to express your personal style and create a space that reflects your unique taste.

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Sage green splatterware pottery vases custom-made for San Francisco’s interior design store Anyon Atelier

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