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Doha, Qatar

Article: Custom Coffee Cups for Everyday Use

Custom Coffee Cups for Everyday Use

Our latest collaboration with Qatar’s interior design company Remal was inspired by everyday rituals and a must-see for coffee enthusiasts. 

Designed with usability in mind, this exclusive collection consists of five customized coffee cups and saucer models that distinguish for their clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. The style exudes a contemporary approach, prioritizing excellence in materials and quality.

Handmade sage green custom coffee cup and saucer set in stoneware clay

With a focus on shape and simplicity, all pieces from this series were wheel-thrown using stoneware clay which makes the items strong and perfect for everyday use. Stoneware's lasting durability ensures that these custom coffee cups will withstand the test of time, becoming cherished heirlooms in your home.

To achieve the desired aesthetics, we carefully selected different stoneware clays in varying tones ensuring that every handmade cup is unique and has its own character. This deliberate choice allowed for a diverse range of textures and colors within the collection.

Handmade custom coffee cup and saucer sets in stoneware clay

Custom coffee cup in stoneware clay for Qatar interior design company Remal

Custom coffee cup for Qatar's interior design company Remal, handcrafted by OWO CeramicsSpecially designed for this collection, the coffee cups were glazed using non-toxic glazes that were hand-crafted in our studio, ensuring the highest quality and a truly artisanal touch. 

Moreover, the stoneware clay used to handcraft these custom cup and saucer sets offers excellent heat retention, keeping your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for longer.

Handmade custom coffee cup and saucer set in stoneware clay, handcrafted by OWO Ceramics

When designing the collection, our goal was to create a range of handmade ceramic coffee cups and saucers that exuded simplicity, elegance, and modern aesthetics. Our aspiration was for each custom cup to embody a work of art, seamlessly unifying functionality with beauty. 

Driven by a shared vision of simplicity and quality, OWO's collaboration with Remal is an invitation to enhance your everyday coffee rituals and make every cup a moment to be cherished.

For further insights into our custom design process or to inquire about a made-to-order project, please reach out to us at