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Doha, Qatar

Article: Custom Tea Cups Inspired by Everyday Rituals

Custom Tea Cups Inspired by Everyday Rituals

At OWO we are thrilled to present a new collaboration with Qatari interior design company Vessel. Together we designed a unique series of ceramic tea cups for everyday use. 

Meticulously crafted, the tea cups were individually wheel-thrown and glazed by hand. The handmade process ensures that every cup is unique, with slight variations in shape and glaze that add to their charm and character.

Handmade pottery tea cups awaiting firing custom designed by OWO Ceramics for Qatar’s interior design company Vessel

In the creation of these custom tea cups, we employed stoneware clay for its renowned strength and durability. This selection ensures that the cups possess an enduring quality, well-suited to withstand the rigors of daily use. 

While their aesthetic appeal is unquestionable, the utilization of stoneware clay reinforces their functionality, ensuring these custom cups are not just beautiful, but also practical companions for everyday moments.

Hand-applied with meticulous care, a stunning white glaze beautifully contrasts with the clay body creating an elegant and timeless look.

Custom tea cups in stoneware clay awaiting glazing

Throughout the design process of this collection, our focus was to create an assortment of pottery tea cups that embodied a sense of refined simplicity. 

The result was these handmade tea cups that enhance everyday coffee routines by seamlessly merging artistic elegance with functional utility.

For further insights into our custom design process or to inquire about a made-to-order project, please reach out to us at