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River Vale, USA

Article: Olive Oil Dipping Bowls for Ritualistic Dining

Olive Oil Dipping Bowls for Ritualistic Dining

Always excited to bring beautiful projects to life, we're delighted to unveil our latest masterpiece: a custom olive oil dipping bowl meticulously crafted to enhance the dining experience with its playful, elegant and functional design.

Inspired by a private client's desire to transform her dining parties into unforgettable moments, each dipping bowl has been meticulously handcrafted, and therefore has special its own special character.

Handmade olive oil dipping bowls by OWO Ceramics

Perfectly sized and shaped for individual servings, these olive oil dipping dishes ensure each guest enjoys a personalized dining experience. With a whimsical and interactive design, these ceramic bowls invite participants to actively engage in their use, creating a ceremonial atmosphere that enriches the entire dining occasion.

The ceramic dipping bowls were also glazed by hand with a silver finish, producing a captivating reflection of light that beautifully accentuates the vibrant gold-green hue of the olive oil. Meanwhile, the internal swirl not only adds elegance but also guides the olive oil's flow, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Handmade pottery olive oil dipping dish by OWO CeramicsWe opted for stoneware clay due to its exceptional durability and superior quality, infusing every piece with a distinctive sense of refined and high-end allure.

In essence, these custom oil dipping bowls embody artisanal craftsmanship and thoughtful design, infusing sophistication, playfulness and a ritualistic ambiance into every meal.

For further insights into our custom design process or to order one of our ceramic dipping bowls, please reach out to us at