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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Article: Chawan Matcha Bowls for Matte

Chawan Matcha Bowls for Matte

At OWO we are delighted to introduce our latest creation: a bespoke chawan bowl specially crafted for Matte, a recently opened matcha bar in Ho Chi Minh that everyone is taking about.

Each chawan in this collection was individually handmade and glazed, adorned with green splatters that echo the vibrant hue of matcha tea. Inspired by this tea's lively color, the green splatters on each bowl create a visually stunning and contemporary look, making every piece a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Custom chawan for Matte by OWO Ceramics

Courtesy of Matte

One of the distinguishing features of these matcha chawans is the paint used, which was crafted right here in our studio. We carefully blended pigments and raw materials, conducting numerous tests to achieve the perfect shade that captures the essence of matcha's unique color. This dedication to detail and quality resulted in a paint that perfectly complements the aesthetic of the matcha bowls, adding depth and character to each piece.

Color tests for OWO’s custom chawan bowls for Ho Chi Minh’s matcha bar Matte
Custom chawan bowls for Matte by OWO Ceramics
Custom matcha chawans for Matte by OWO Ceramics

In addition to their exquisite design and craftsmanship, these chawan matcha bowls are designed with functionality in mind. They feature a spout that allows for precise pouring, making them ideal for serving traditional matcha tea with elegance and precision.

Interior of Matte’s matcha bar in Ho Chi Minh featuring OWO Ceramics’ custom chawan matcha bowls

Courtesy of Matte

Overall, these meticulously crafted chawan bowls seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, offering Matte's customers an unparalleled matcha experience. With their elegant and visually appealing design, the bowls bring an artistic charm to the coffee bar's ambiance, serving not only as practical ceramic matcha bowls but also as stunning artistic creations that capture customers' attention.

If you ever find yourself in Ho Chi Minh, make sure to visit Matte and immerse yourself in the artistry of matcha. Treat yourself to a truly distinctive and memorable experience, indulging in the beauty and flavor of this beloved ceremonial tea.